Getting your order started and next steps.

Are you just about ready to get your order started but wondering how to do it? Or, are you concerned with whether or not your selections make sense or what will happen something unexpected comes up? Remember, we have answers for everything around here.

Order windows online today with no hassles and professional installation.

First, getting your project started

When you’re ready to get your project moving forward all you need to do is email your window expert to let them know. Something easy like, “Hi Drew, I’d like get my project started” is all it will take.

Your window expert will then send you the order forms online via DocuSign. You’ll see the order forms ask for basic info like your address, the best contact phone number for scheduling, that sort of thing.

The order forms will also ask for payment info and they’ll clearly note that no payment is charged upfront. We ask for that info here because we’re about to start spending money on your project. This is when the shopping for windows part ends and the ordering windows part begins. We want to make sure there is a plan to pay for the order.

There is no payment due at this point. In fact, if you’re paying by check or credit card there’s no payment until after the measurements are completed when the manufacturing begins. At that point we charge 50% and the remainder is due when the project is installed. You can change your payment method anytime.

We do also offer financing options. If you’re using the financing options we can often set it up so there is no payment due until after the windows are installed. These financing plans do change over time. Ask your window expert for more info on current financing offers if you’d like to go that route.

If you’re using financing or paying by check you can write the words “financing” or “check” in the payment fields instead of the account number and expiration date, etc. DocuSign will accept that.

Then you complete the order forms via DocuSign and you’re all done for now.

Second, measuring your project

Once your completed order forms are received in the office your order is processed in the system and your spot in line is reserved. You’ll be ahead of everyone who orders after you and behind everyone who ordered before you. That means the sooner we get to this point the sooner your order will be installed.

The installation department will work through the schedule and give you a ring to schedule your measurement appointment. They’ll send out a technician to take the exact measurements of each opening. The measurement technician can answer any questions, but this is a measuring appointment and not a sales call.

Once the measurements are received back in the office your order will be checked by the installation department and by your window expert to make sure what was measured equals what you ordered.

What if something isn’t right?

If there is any discrepancy between what you ordered and what was measured your window expert will be back in touch to go over the options. You’ll be able to pick the option that works best for you.

Don’t worry about any surprise charges. If anything comes up that does impact the prices you’ll have the option of cancelling the order at no cost before the manufacturing begins. You’re never stuck with anything.

Custom manufacturing and installation

Once any details are sorted out your order goes to the manufacturing plant for custom manufacturing and the order is final at this point. Your deposit payment, if applicable, is charged and the manufacturing begins.

It’ll take a few weeks for the windows to be custom made. Exact timing depends on current demand and the specifics of your order.

Once the windows are produced they’re shipped to the local warehouse. They’ll be received and inspected. Then the installation department will call you to schedule your installation appointment.

Sometimes customers worry that the installation department will call and tell you when they’re coming, but that’s not now it works. They’ll let you know the next available dates and you can pick an option that works for your schedule. If you have a vacation or another commitment it’s not a problem, they can work with your schedule.

Then your project will be installed and we’ll add you to our list of happy customers. If this process sounds easy, it is. We’ve created the absolute easiest way to order new windows and we’re looking forward to working with you on your project.

Much more info available

If you’re looking for more information on anything at all or if you have questions about how these windows and doors compare to any other let your window and door expert know today.

Other helpful information

Ask us any questions any time and we’ll be happy to help with as much information as you could possibly want on any possible topic. We know shopping for a project like this can feel a little challenging and we’re always here to help make this process just as easy as we can.

From here we can make unlimited revisions to your quote, answer any additional questions and get your project started as soon as you’re ready.

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